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Graduating and Renovating

Hello! I’m pleased to be moving forward now that I’ve graduated. I have taken some new photos of merchandise that is going up on etsy I’m also working on an alternate cut of the film we did over the summer.
I learned that I do my best work when I have more than three hours of sleep. Imagine that!

Here is a preview:

I always get inspired to renovate and make improvements this time of year. I’m grateful to have an even better camera to capture the details of my handcrafted jewelry. I’m encouraged by all the lovely customers I’ve had and continue to have, as well as my delightful Twitter peeps! You’re all so kind with your compliments and generous support. I appreciate you all, and the humor you always bring into my sphere of existence.

I’m going to post coupons in the Spring so you all can usher in #2018 with some beautiful pieces that convey gratitude, individuality, and growth.

Be kind and look for beauty everywhere you are.

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