Student project mock magazine in Digital Design using Photoshop and Illustrator. Photos for front and back covers and background of interview with File Transfer Protocol take by K. Black.

Early photography Crica 1989. Developed in darkroom and printed on an enlarger.

Art Jewelry

Graduating and Renovating

Hello! I’m pleased to be moving forward now that I’ve graduated. I have taken some new photos of merchandise that is going up on etsy I’m also working on an alternate cut of the film we did over the summer. I learned that I do my best work when I have more than three hours […]

Art Design

Good Design & Respecting Creatives

Design encompasses many things. Shape, hue, contrast, alignment, symmetry, and style are a few. Good design is when designers effectively communicate message, intentions, and emotional tone. Designers tinker with CSS style sheets, and the curves of a seam on a pattern. They have visual acuity that enables them to see “it” when it magically comes […]